Pilates for Athletes.

How to get the perfect shape

The last two decades Hollywood has been swept by a real Pilates fever. This kind of fitness, which has incorporated elements of oriental, gymnastics and breathing exercises, are addicted Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Julia Roberts and sister of Kate Middleton Pippa Middleton. Pilates not only helps to find a healthy, beautiful and toned body, but also effective in dealing with stress and syndrome of "chronic " fatigue.

The founder of Pilates for Athletes is German-American Joseph Pilates believed that it is necessary to treat the body not with drugs, but with exercises. He developed a system of exercises, that has saved him from death during the First World War. Throughout his life, Joseph Pilates dedicated to one purpose - to show people the way to "active" life and real health. It is no coincidence, that Pilates is extraordinarily effective to maintain a beautiful, toned figure and as rehabilitation after various injuries, diseases of the joints and spine, stress, in the treatment of "chronic fatigue" and "burnout" syndromes. Pilates has no age restrictions. Even children and pregnant women can be engaged in this activity.

For a long time method of Joseph Pilates has been popular among ballet dancers. Hollywood opened Pilates in the early 80s of the last century, when the United States started a real boom in the beautiful and toned body. Pilates in this sense has become an excellent alternative to the traditional philosophy of the sport when it was impossible to achieve result without pain. In Pilates is equally important physical effort and movement of the mind. Man must learn to listen and understand his body, but in this case the training will be useful and enjoyable. To facilitate training, Joseph Pilates invented special devices and simulators.

Joseph Pilates claimed that "if your spine does not bend when you are 30 - then you are old". Curvature of the spine has some serious consequences: the ugly posture, aching joints, limited access of oxygen to the internal organs. As a result, you will get impaired metabolism, toxins, extra pounds, cellulite. "Pulling" the body and breathing exercises - the basis of Pilates for Athletes. The focus here is on stretching the spine and balanced development of the whole body without excessive pressure on the joints. Result: increases blood circulation, improved metabolism, burn calories and good overall health condition, toned body.

Yet Freud discovered a direct relationship of disease from nervous tension. Constant stress, fatigue, lack of sleep , " concentrated " in the neck and shoulders, cause muscle tension and bad blood flow. People, experiencing constant stress, constantly suffer from headaches, frequent illnesses. Pilates gives ease of body and regains health. Pilates teaches relaxation, proper breathing, relieves tension and pain in muscles and joints and is a truly unique tool for psychological self-help. With Pilates exercises we can learn to control and protect ourselves from immediate anxiety and stress.

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Benefits of Pilates for Athletes, or the effect of mind control over the work of muscles

Pilates - a new fashion trend, aimed at weight loss and muscle stretching of the body.Recently Pilates for Athletes became popular together with Bodyflex. For ladies, it has become a problem of choice, because due to ignorance they do not see the difference between the two sets of exercises. Today we consider the features of Pilates for Athletes and women.

10 advantages of Pilates exercises

And we will call at least 10 reasons why you should do Pilates.

1. Pilates does not impose limits. Anyone can engage in it regardless of age, weight and lack of any athletic training.

Pilates or other systemic exercises: what to choose?

The advantages of this method are to strengthen the musculoskeletal system ( joints, muscles, ligaments unit), especially abdominal, improving coordination, reducing back pain if any, correct breathing stereotype formation with minimal load on the spine. Pilates for Athletes can be used for people of any gender, age, and with a few restrictions (e.g. minimum stretching) during normal pregnancy and after childbirth.

Benefits of Pilates for Men's Health

For some reason, a lot of people around the world believe that Pilates - physical activity, designed exclusively for women. When one of the men sheepishly says that he is doing, he immediately catches glances on himself. Meanwhile, Pilates is a complex exercise, which was invented by a man and very often it instructors are also representatives of the stronger sex. Pilates helps men too become more healthy.

The Benefits Of Pilates Technique For Pregnant Women

Pilates technique helps women and expectant mothers in particular to endure pregnancy and childbirth better. This method reduces the risk of injuries, not only during pregnancy, but also during childbirth and the postpartum period. Moreover, Pilates positively affects the development of the fetus, as well as accelerates the process of recovery in mother after childbirth.

Pilates Technique Distinctive Features Revealed

Considering the option of going to Pilates training courses? Take your time to study the particular characteristics of the technique to make sure your expectations will be met. Mentioned below is the list of peculiarities that make Pilates stand out from the crowd.

Pilates Effect On The Body Under The Microscope

Pilates, a brand-new fitness trend, named for the founder, Joseph Pilates, is certainly gaining momentum. According to statistics, the legion of Pilates adherents equals nearly 15ml. people across the globe. Pilates technique is suitable for almost all the age groups, assisting in building strong, taut muscles, giving a good stretch and mild weight loss.

Pilates Saves The Dying Anorexia Patient

Twenty-two Emily Sullivan with bulimia and anorexia suffered a heart attack thrice finds the life-saving remedy in Pilates training course. According to treating doctors the condition of the patient was absolutely crucial, and taking drastic measures was obligatory to prevent a lethal outcome.

Loosing Weight With Pilates Training

Doubtlessly, a beautiful and slim figure a la Pilates (just look at those sexy Pilates trainers) is the dream of virtually any perfectionist. But in reality, many could be disappointed: nothing like an ideal silhouette emerges, if you go to the classes occasionally, a few times a week and consider it to be more than enough to achieve perfection.

Basic Pilates Training For Efficient Weight Loosing

The complex of Pilates exercises described is designed to tighten abdomen and buttocks, eliminate flaccidity and make a noteworthy impact on problem zones in as little as 4-5 weeks. The course gives odds to almost any diet in terms of efficiency. Pilates workouts do not demand preliminary training: it is more than enough to walk for 5-10 min and breathe deeply before you start a training session.

Pilates As An Efficient Anti-Aging Technique

The technique developed by American physician Joseph Pilates is designed to deal with a majority of negative health aspects. When Pilates was a doctor, he arrived at an assumption that the greater part of complaints he dealt with had one main cause.The reason for negative manifestations in a true to type resident of a developed country lies in inactivity that accelerates with age naturally causing a lack of mobility for joints and ligaments.

Pilates For Beginners: Useful Tips & Recommendations

Looking to enroll in Pilates courses? Be advised that apart from performing the simple at first glance exercises, you will have to learn how to breathe properly. Despite the fact that it is recommended to attend Pilates classes under the supervision of a professional instructor, millions of people enjoy the technique enlist the support of general recommendations domiciliary.